We are looking for you!

We are, and have been, working very hard to contact all of the members of the Class of 1988. If you haven't been contacted please know that it isn't for our lack of trying. We would love to have you register on the website and join us at the reunion this fall.

If your name is on this list, it means that we don't know how to get in touch with you. Please register on this website so that we can include you in our communications to the class and about the reunion.

If you know someone that is on this list, please encourage them to visit the site and register!

If you are not registered on this website, and your name is not on this list, that means that we think that we have a way to contact you, but for some reason you have chosen not to register on the website. If that's the case, we hope that you'll register! It really is the best way to keep up to date on class business.

If you are registered on this website and your name is on this list... oops! Please let us know.
Missing Persons

Tamara Akin
Maria Alvarez
Erika Anderson
Shelly Auld
Scott Baird
Paul Barnes
Brenda Bell
Randal Bender
Ken Bess
Kelly Blanton
Julia Blocker
Russty Booth
Rebecca Brown
Preston Buckland
Richard Butler
Jon Carter
Maribel Cedeno
Scott Champion
Richard Chappell
Tina Chronister
Karen Clevenger
Kallie Collins
Heather Connelly
Debbie Coon
Donna Coon
Angie Coonrod
Michael Coty
Elizabeth Cruse
Brenda Day
Eric DeDonder
Erich Deines
Kevin Dobson
Andrew Dugan
Jochen Eisenbrand
Julia Eussen
Kelly Evans
Stephen Fennell
Chris Ferguson
Cherie Finney
Robert Fuentes
Beth Gentry
John Gieber
Chris Goins

Mirna Gonzalez
Brian Grossnickle
Leslie Hamilton
Cindy Hankley
Deanna Hart
Loretta Hensley
Thai Hoang
Tanja Houck
Mark Jackson
Brenda Jensen
Jeff Jensen
Reyna Jensen
Stacey Keeton
Lynn King
Nicole Klein
Christoph Kniehase
Katherine Knipp
Daniel Knostman
Outi Koponen
Amanda Kuhl
Ann Lading
Robert LaMar
Marcela Landeros
Veronica Lee
David Lee
Heidi Lewerenz
Steve Liang
William Lin
Manta Lindberg
Carina Lindsten
Venus Maddox
Hadi Malek-Zehtab
Erika Mantovani
Barbara Martinez
Diedra McGowan
Jeffrey McGowan
Gerald McKnight
Bryan Moseler
Ronald Moss
Ryan Mover
Craig Murphy
Chris Ness
Binh Nguyen
Nga Nguyen

Andrew Nischan
Jennifer Olson
Afan Ottenheimer
Eric Patrick
Paul Perl
Cynthia Phillips

Leslie Pierson
David Prince
Angela Randall
Ron Randall
Mathilde Ravaillault
Kathryn Reno
Daniel Rice
Henry Richards
Daphne Richards
Sean Richardson
Robert Richter
Panthep Ritthisorn
Robin Robertson
Ramona Rodriguez
Kristy Rogers
Brian Root
Richard Ruggels
Philip Scanlan
James Schaeffer
Denise Schmaderer

Matt Schreiner
Quentin Selby
Amy Shanline
Janice Shaw
Angel Silva
Anita Simmons
Roy Smith
Kevin Smith
Sean Snyder
Mardee Stadel
Norman Stoddard
Barclay Stone
Jonathan Strafuss
Robert Swart
Kimberly Taylor
William Tebbutt
Colleen Terrell
Bret Thompson
Madeleine Thour
Ann Tiao
Fernando Tonda
Scott Travis
Michelle Virgin
Hilary Wahlen
Elizabeth Walker
Jerome Weaver
Darren Wilde

Kirk Willard
Allison Williams
Stacy Wince
Bryan Wood
Craig Worthington
Morello Yazze
Christene Young
Pete Zanella
Tong Zou